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How to Stay Motivated at Work

How to Stay Motivated at Work Jana Elston

Most of the people find it difficult to stay focused at work. Motivation seems really a far cry at such times. So, we have brought you some simple tricks and ways to keep your attention from diverting and stay committed to your work.
  1. Set up Goals

Setting up goals is a very important step towards staying motivated. In today’s digital work, this task has been simplified and amped up further to keep us focused on the digital reminders and alarm systems. Set a target of how many clients you will rebook today, how many products you will sell today, how many clients you will contact you haven't seen for a while. Turn it into a game, set up some charts and try to beat your best target. When you do, give yourself an award, enjoy a nice cake or your favorite food that day.
  1. Commit to giving your best shot

Motivation can also be achieved by trying to do your best at work. When you stay committed to working your best and achieve good outcomes, motivation follows naturally. Commit to making someone smile today. Give your clients an unbelievable experience they will rave about. Try something different and unexpected that will surprise them.
  1. Take short breaks

Try to incorporate short breaks in your work routine. Simply walk away from your desk for a few moments or add a tea break to give your mind a rest. This will help to refresh your mind to get focused again. Get out of the salon during your lunch break, get some fresh air and try and find a local park or some greenery you can enjoy. A bit of sunshine and nature will recharge and revitalize you.
  1. Reward yourself

Set up a reward system for yourself in order to keep yourself motivated. Treat yourself with kindness and get an occasional ice-cream or anything you love to have to keep your motivational juices flowing. When we had a busy day at work, we would put a lolly jar or cookies in the staff room to enjoy in between clients. If you reach your monthly target, why not reward yourself with a facial or massage?
  1. Hang out with your Co-workers

Spending more time with your co-workers might seem weird but it is a good idea to create a friendly atmosphere at work. This way you would have good feelings for each other and enjoy working together. If you have the chance have lunch together or if the team reaches a target have dinner or enjoy a high tea together.
  1. Jazz up your wardrobe for work

Go shopping for work and amp up your wardrobe by getting something refreshing which would make you feel good about yourself. Jazzing up your wardrobe will jazz up your mood for better. If you are wearing a uniform, find some nice jewelry, shoes, hair accessories or a new lipstick that will give the uniform a lift.
7. Read industry publications
Stay up to date with the latest technology and refresh your skin knowledge by reading industry publications. Keep the magazines in your lunch room so you can have a little read whenever things are quiet or while you enjoy a tea break. You will get some good ideas to discuss with your clients and keep them in the loops with the latest trends. Staying informed and refreshing your skin and product knowledge will help you give more value to your clients.

So, now say goodbye to the Monday blues that seem to stretch on all week long at work. Incorporating these simple tricks into your work life will help you a great deal in staying motivated and feeling accomplished throughout the week.
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