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Beauty Salon Business Tips - How To Boost Sales Leading up to MOTHER’S DAY

Mother’s day is the second biggest event for beauty businesses each year. Successful businesses start planting the seed to purchase gifts and vouchers at least 6-8 weeks before Mother’s Day.

Here’s how to make your Mother’s Day the biggest event of the year in your salon.

Plan Ahead 

Begin your planning process first by analyzing the previous year’s Mother’s Day promotion to determine what worked and what didn’t.

What did you find sold the best? Was there any particular treatment package that was more popular than others? What was the average dollar spend on gift vouchers? When was your busiest time selling gift vouchers?

Did you run an in-salon event such as a buying evening for your VIP customers? How did that go? What worked, and what can you do better this year?

Team Meeting

Have a team meeting and discuss your previous Mother’s Day promotions and what they think worked the best. What suggestions do your staff have for this year? They may have received feedback from customers or may have seen an event run elsewhere that was successful and can give you valuable feedback. Involving your staff in the planning and running of the promotion will have them take it on board, take ownership and responsibility for the success of the promotion.

Gather Feedback

Talk to your customers, tell them that you are planning this year's Mother’s Day promotions and ask for feedback. Ask your customers what they would like to buy for their mother or for themselves as a treat. You can do this research directly or indirectly through social media. I have started asking people on social media what they would ideally like to spend their gift vouchers on, if they received one. This kind of research can give you some valuable ideas for designing promotional packages and offers. 


Decide on a theme for your Mother’s Day promotion. What colors will you use in your posters, displays and marketing material? What message will you try to convey? Is it going to be an offer of pure luxury, high tech treatments or a more natural organic approach? Are you trying to take your clients on an imaginary trip to Paris, New York or an exotic tropical island?

Chocolates and roses are a terrific inspiration for Mother’s Day. Can you offer a chocolate facial, or a body scrub? Roses make a beautiful addition to marketing materials and displays for Mother’s day. How about a rose petal pedicure or therapeutic spa bath? The possibilities for creating a theme for Mother's Day are endless, and once you decide on a theme, naming packages, creating headlines for your marketing material, choosing color schemes and display materials makes it that much easier. A theme will set your business apart, create excitement, stir their imagination and engage your clients.

Offers & Packages

Decide on the offer and the type of packages you can create that will fit within your chosen theme. I suggest offering at least three packages for different budgets, a package for under $100 for example $79, a package over $100 around $139 and a premium package of $199 or more. Some people that are on a budget or are purchasing a gift voucher in addition to another gift, may choose the cheapest option. Others - especially men that wish to give the best offer you have available, will choose the top package.

Make it easy for men to buy

Men love quick and easy purchases. They don’t like to think things over for too long when they come into the “female domain” such as a beauty salon, and to spend too much time thinking about what they will buy. In my experience, when men come in to buy a gift voucher, most of them want to be in and out as soon as possible. So make it as easy as possible for them to make a quick decision that the special women in their lives will absolutely love. Have a list of packages ready to show them, so even if they don’t purchase a package, they get a general idea of how much to spend on a gift voucher.

Structuring your packages

Most buyers will choose the middle package, not too cheap and not too expensive, so design this package carefully so that when the receiver of the gift comes in, you have the opportunity to offer upgrades and add-on services to the client on the day. What I am suggesting is, don’t include your most popular upgrades and add-ons as part of this package, you can do that with your premium package to reward your clients. If you are stuck for package ideas, have a look at some of the responses I have on my Facebook page The Beauty Business where I asked people what packages they would buy for themselves.

Supplier offers

Start talking to your suppliers about what they will be offering for Mother’s Day. Suppliers usually launch offers two months before Mother’s Day. The reason for this is because suppliers know very well that your customers that are most likely to purchase special offers are your facial clients, and your facial clients come in approximately every four to six weeks. This means they will see your promotion and product offers once or twice before Mother’s Day. Leaving Mother’s Day offers to just a couple of weeks before the event will result in lost sales for your beauty salon. So be sure to start promoting Mother’s Day specials and packages two months before the event.

Delegate & outsource

If you are short on time or not sure how to design marketing material, I suggest you outsource the design of posters, flyers, email, newsletter and posts for social media. You can always contact me if you would like help, I love coming up with new ideas that stand out and make sales for your beauty salon. This can save you a great deal of time so that you can keep working on clients and making money.

Whether you choose to utilize my marketing services or another graphics designer, we can make up a concept for you in a few days and it is not as expensive as you may think. We can make up all your marketing material ahead of time so you have it ready to promote the event over the next two months. Your local printer can print posters, banners and fliers at a reasonable price, so shop around. Some printers have in-house designers as well.


Decide on a window display and book a professional merchandiser or delegate the window display to a creative staff member. Gather materials for window display and in-salon display hot spots. Products and gift voucher samples can be merchandised around your salon to create interest. Have all this ready to go up two months before Mother’s Day. 

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