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7 Mistakes Beauty Businesses Make Leading up to Christmas

Wow, this year has flown! Before you know it, Christmas will be here. Saying that, are your ready?

Many people who own or manage salons tend to leave it to the last minute. Then they either do a mad rush to get things organised causing a lot of stress. They end up with  promotions and materials that could certainly have been better if they allowed more time, or some completely give up and decide it's too late and not even bother to make any effort. 

We all know that Mother's day and Christmas   are the busiest trading periods for retailers and service providers such as beauty salons. This is when consumers are actively looking to spend money on themselves and their loved ones and the competition in the retail industry is fierce to win these willing customers over. The old saying is, you have to be in it to win it. If your competitors are well organised and ready, they will get the best customers, including yours. 

Here are the biggest mistakes I have seen retailers make leading up to Christmas and what you can do to avoid making these mistakes. 

Mistake no 1. Lack of Planning 

Sadly, salon owners get so caught up working in the salon they often forget about marketing and Christmas just creeps up on them. In the meantime, customers have been making their Christmas purchases elsewhere which end up costing the salon thousands in lost revenue.

It’s too early, some tell me. However, consumers start thinking about Christmas months beforehand, and big retailers know this well. Lay-bys are offered 6-12 weeks prior to Christmas. In more recent years, we have seen Halloween stock in stores, and as soon as Halloween is over, these are promptly replaced by Christmas displays. This year I have seen Halloween and Christmas stock go up in early September. 

You have got be in it, to win it. If Christmas displays and merchandise are not up by 1st November, you're losing sales to your competition. And remember, when it comes to Christmas gifts, all retail and online retailers are your competition, including pharmacies, supermarkets and department stores.

If you haven't already made a solid plan on how you will maximise sales of services and retail products you might as well put up a sign saying, "For your Christmas purchases, you're welcome to shop elsewhere."

Mistake no 2. "I haven't Got The Time"

As the weather warms, salons can become very busy with waxing and spray tans. So salon owners can get caught up with these services. In the ideal world, Christmas decorations, posters, menus and gifts would have been all organised in September or October, so all you have to do is put it all up. If you haven't got the time, get some help from family or hire a junior or a student. At this time of the year there are students looking for work experience or casual work, why not consider hiring a casual over the busy period to help you put up the Christmas decorations, organise the displays and help with the Christmas trade. 

The lead up to Christmas and Mother's Day are the BIGGEST promotions of the year for beauty businesses. This is when you can earn that bit extra to put aside for slower months and to seriously boost your income. This is the time to bring in extra dollars you can put towards a new facial or beauty treatment you have been thinking about, or to pay for that exotic holiday you have been dreaming of.

Mistake no 3. No Christmas Display

No serious retailer would contemplate trading over the Christmas period without attractive and enticing windows and retail displays. Last few years I was surprised at the lack of Christmas decorations and displays in some beauty businesses. Later, the same salons would report that Christmas was slow. Perhaps their customers were enticed away by their competition with more exciting and inviting Christmas retail presence? There is a saying, if you build it, they will come.

Mistake no 4. Boring Retail Offer

If it's not on the shelf, you can't sell it. Some customers prefer to purchase physical gifts; others prefer to purchase gift vouchers. However, if you rely on selling only gift vouchers, you lose the opportunity to sell to those consumers who prefer to buy physical gifts. Recently a consumer told me they prefer buying a physical gift because they wanted their loved ones to know that they made the effort to choose a special gift for them.

At this time of the year, most of the beauty suppliers, whether skincare, nails, or specialised gift items, offer Christmas packages and gift packs. Some salons fail to take on these special offers and their customers are forced to purchase from their competitors. If a salon is carrying standard stock, and they don't bring in special Christmas offers or unique and limited gift items, there is nothing to excite the customer.  

As your customers are looking for gift ideas, they'll be looking for something different, something that will excite them to buy for their loved ones (or for themselves). So talk to your suppliers to see what gifts will work for your business, generate excitement and stimulate sales. 

Mistake no 5. Failing to Promote Gift Vouchers

Assuming your customers already know you offer gift vouchers can lead to lost sales. Consumers are very visual when they are looking for gifts. They are prompted by visual cues backed up by your recommendations. If they can't see it, or hear about it, they won't buy it. So have a sign designed and put it up at the entrance letting walk-by traffic and people entering your business know that you are offering Gift Vouchers for Christmas. 

I would also suggest you put up signs around the salon to remind your existing customers about gift vouchers. Your existing customers are the easiest to sell to because you already have a relationship with them and they trust you. Be sure to promote your gift vouchers on social media, in your newsletters and on your website.

Mistake no 6. Poor Communication

Your customers have been and from now on, be even more inundated with Christmas offers from all the various retailers. Catalogs, emails, in-store posters, coupons, texts, direct mail and websites. If your salon does not have visual prompts and cues, if the staff are not talking to your customers about Christmas gifts, then your business will be missing on some serious sales. 

Facebook is great, however, I see too many salons rush to set up a Facebook page and use it solely for all their communications and marketing. Never rely on only one type of marketing channel. Not all of your customers are on Facebook. 

Communicating effectively the message to the broadest audience requires several channels and regular frequency. One email or one newsletter will not get noticed. Reach without frequency = wasted money and time. Marketing must be an on-going process in order for it to be successful. So make a plan to reach your customers over several channels at least 3-4 times per week leading up to Christmas. 

Mistake no 7. Lack of Excitement

If you look at the Christmas season as a chore and something that requires too much work, well, your customers will have nothing to be excited about and so they will take their business elsewhere. Lackluster presentation, not bothering to do Christmas displays or making the effort to do the research to bring in products your customers would be excited about, and a lack of team excitement, can make it a boring retail experience. If you wish to increase your sales, make the effort to create a festive, warm and exciting retail environment.

Engage with your customers and make it easy for them to buy from you by offering a variety of exciting retail and service gifts.

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Monday, April 18, 2016


One of the biggest things that can hold you back from selling more products is the fear of selling
Selling is a skill and a mindset, it can be learned even if it does not come naturally. One of the biggest things that can hold you back from selling more products is, fear of selling. For some, talking to people and making suggestions comes easily, for others that are more introverted, it can be a whole new learning curve. Most beauty practitioners are caring, gentle people and by nature can be an introvert. So to stand out, and put yourself out there can be uncomfortable to downright painful. What's at the core of these uncomfortable, painful feelings is our fear. 


know your fears
know your fears
There are many difficult and frightening times when we have to face our fears. And, the surprising truth is, we all come face to face with our fears eventually. Here are just some examples of what people fear the most:
  • learning a new skill
  • death
  • loneliness
  • being in an unfamiliar place
  • a new job
  • becoming a parent
  • public speaking
  • getting up on stage to perform
  • making a difficult decision
  • approaching new people
  • handling a difficult situation
  • fear of failure
  • fear of ridicule
  • fear of rejection
  • selling retail products


When you experience fear, your body is primed for flight or fight. You can either back down, hide, or run away, or you can be courageous, stand tall and take action. The difference is knowing when is the time to back down and when is the best time to take action.

take control of your fears
Fear is not always a bad thing. Fear can be very useful because it cautions you and alerts you to danger. If there is no immediate danger to you or the people around you, such as selling a product to your customer, then you can take control of your fear. But too often, we allow our fear to control us and to control our lives. Do not let fear allow to control you. If you do, you will miss out on the life changing opportunities and you may never experience life to the fullest. You need to stay calm, take control of your feelings, weigh up the options of the situation and then make a rational decision that will help you and serve you best.


One of the things that have helped me overcome my fears is learning how to get into the right state of mind, where I can control my decisions, and my fear is no longer controlling me. Many years ago, I attended the Anthony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” weekend, which was absolutely life changing.

they overcame their fears and did it
On the final night of the workshop weekend, we were given the option to challenge ourselves, to majorly step out of our comfort zone, face our fears and do the fire walk. I didn’t want to do it at first. The fire pits were white hot, and radiating incredible heat when we stood near them. I saw all the people in front of me doing it, they didn’t get hurt, and when they overcame their fears and did it, they were jumping around with joy and their friends ran to them to congratulate them. The incredible sense of power and achievement they exuded was inspiring. I thought if they can do it, so can I.

So then, I made up my mind I will do it, and I started focusing and getting myself into the right state of mind as we were taught. This meant I wholeheartedly knew I will do it, I saw myself do it in my mind and felt the exhilaration of having done it. I felt an intense belief in myself in every fiber of my being. Then, I went for it. And I did it!!! What an incredible experience it was!


Enjoy the feeling of success and file them away so that you can tap into them when you need them again
Enjoy the feeling of success and file them away so that you can tap into them when you need them again. This was an extreme way to teach us how to overcome our fears, to be brave and to just do it. The most important thing is to reflect on your success and how it makes you feel. Enjoy the feelings of success and file them away so that you can tap into them when you need them again. The feelings of success are the kind of experiences in your life you want to file away and remember. Your successes give you more confidence. The more successes you create in your life, the more confident you will become.


Success does not happen straight away. Sometimes we have to make mistakes and learn from them before we succeed. The light bulb was not invented overnight. It took thousands of experiments to make it work. Each failure, however, will bring you closer to success.
focus on the client in front of you to determine their beauty needs and what the solution is 
In sales and customer service we are challenged every day to talk to clients, to educate and to make product and treatment recommendations. From time-to-time, we also have to deal with difficult situations. For example, having to call your customer if you haven’t seen them for some time to invite them back in; approaching a new customer; making product recommendations and asking for a sale, or dealing with complaints and unhappy customers.

Instead of focusing on your fear and how uncomfortable it makes you feel, remember your previous successes you had, tap into those feeling that made you feel confident, then focus on the client in front of you to determine their beauty needs and what the solution is. Then teach them how to get the results they want.

Here are practical tips for facing your fears and building your self-confidence.

1. Take control of your fears

Take control of your fears
When you are faced with having to sell products and it is making you feel uncomfortable, take a deep breath and count to ten as you slowly exhale. Focus on your breathing. This will help to distract your mind from your discomfort. Do this once or twice until you feel calm and collected. If this does not help, you need a change of scenery to divert your mind. Go outside, get some fresh air, have a drink of water, close your eyes and tell yourself everything will be all right. After all, what’s the worst thing that can happen? There is no real physical danger. The world will not end if they say no. Remember the answer will always be “No” if you don’t ask. The answer will sometimes be “Yes” if you do ask. Which gives you and your customers a better chance of success?

2. Check your self-talk

Whenever you feel yourself thinking a negative though, delete it, erase it and create a new positive statement.
Whenever you feel yourself thinking a negative thought, delete it, erase it and create a new positive statement. Listen to what you are saying to yourself. Are you saying things such as, “They probably can’t afford it”, “I don’t want to appear pushy” “They probably don’t need it” “I don’t believe in my abilities to help them” “I really hate selling”? This kind of negative self-talk will drive your behavior, your attitude and contribute to low self-esteem and low confidence. This kind of self-talk will lead to failure. The good news is, you can and have the power to change it. Whenever you feel yourself thinking a negative thought, delete it, erase it and create a new positive statement.

  •  “They probably can’t afford it” - “What if, maybe, they can afford it?”
  • “I don’t want to appear pushy” - “I want them to see I care and want to help”
  • “They probably don’t need it” - “I know if they use this product they will see the result they want”
  • “I don’t believe in my abilities to help them” - “Let’s just try it out to see if it works?”
  • “I really hate selling” - “I love helping people solve problems”
For more examples of how you can turn negative self-talk, to statements that support you and help you succeed, read: How to change your attitude - Changing your attitude can change your life

3. Control your imagination

 how professional athletes train to win the race
Imagine that you are a confident and successful retail seller, you are making product recommendations and the products are just walking off the shelf. This is how professional athletes train to win the race. Before they do it, they visualize themselves doing it, and winning. They see themselves coming first across the line. Only then are they ready to run and win the race. The only thing that sets them apart from their competitors is their mind. They train not only their body to improve their skill, but they also focus heavily on training their mind, to believe in themselves, to believe they can and they will do it.

4. Be Courageous

Sometimes we just need to trust ourselves that we can do it, and then go ahead and just do it. To silence that fear, make a decision you will do it right now, step up and make that move. When you are talking to your customer, and you know they will really benefit from using that product, start by saying “I know a way on how you could improve (insert condition). Would you be interested?” then go ahead and explain to them how your products will help and how the product works.

You can overcome your fear of selling. It takes practice, a positive attitude, an intense desire to help people achieve results and being in control of your imagination and self-talk. The skills and knowledge acquired while you are learning to become a successful seller are transferable to all facets of your life and will help you grow not only in your professional capacity but in your personal life as well. Overcoming your fears makes you more confident in yourself. Overcoming your fears can help you achieve the happiness you seek.

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step outside of your comfort zone,  because this is where the real magic happens
So step outside of your comfort zone, because this is where the real magic happens.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

How to change your attitude - Changing your attitude can change your life

Attitude is everything

Attitude is everything.

Attitude is a way of thinking, feeling, and behaving that reflects your state of mind and character.

I am sure you have met people where you thought they had a great attitude, and others where you thought they had a poor attitude. How did you make the observation if someone had a great attitude or not?

Attitude is reflected in the way people behave, based on their internal thoughts, feelings and self talk. We are in complete control of what we think, how we feel and what we say to ourselves, which means we are in total control of our behaviour and the attitude we project.  

Changing your attitude, means changing your behaviour, which means changing how we feel, what we think and what we say to ourselves. I believe what we say to ourselves is very powerful because it can make the biggest difference that will directly impact on our feelings, thoughts behaviour and our attitudes.

We can change what we say to ourselves very easily. Firstly, you need to be aware of what you are saying to yourself and know that what you say is either helping you or harming you. When you tell yourself “I can do this” it is clearly helping you. “I’m a loser” is definitely hurting you. 

Some things you say to yourself are not so obvious. Listen to your self talk and ask yourself, is this helping me or is this hurting me? Think about what you are saying to yourself and what will happen if you continue to do this, how will it impact on your behaviour, your attitude, your happiness and your life. Does the end result make you happy, excited, motivated and energetic? Or does it make you feel sad, deflated, depressed and tired?

There are some things we say to ourselves, which we should never say because it will lead to failure, misery and unhappiness. If you catch yourself saying something that does not serve you, it can be destructive for your self esteem, relationships, career and happiness. You need to immediately change your self-talk to positive and constructive language.

For some it may feel awkward or strange at first, but know this: your mind is listening. What you say to yourself your mind perceives as reality. By changing your internal dialogue, practicing positive affirmations and positive self talk, you can change your attitude, you can change your life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions and outcomes. Attitude is the little thing that makes a big difference.  It is everything and it creates remarkable results.

Change you attitude, change your destiny.

Here are some examples of the negative self talk we tell ourselves. If you find yourself using destructive language, change it around to constructive language. Remember, your mind is listening. What you tell yourself is the reality you create.

Others have tried and failed
I just need to do it differently
I’ve never done it before
Great opportunity to learn something new!
Life is so unfair
I control my life, I create my destiny
I give up
I am strong
It's too hard
I will try to make it work
I am so embarrassed I could die
I am courageous, I will get through this
Why do bad things always happen to me?
I will overcome challenges positively
I just don’t care anymore
I will help others and wont expect anything back
I feel so unhappy
I am grateful for the things I have
Nobody loves me
I am worthy
I don’t know how to do it
There’s always a way, I will find a way to do it
I hate my (cellulite, hair, teeth etc)
I am beautiful, I am unique
I don’t have enough money
I am prosperous
What will they think of me?
People love me for who I am
I wish I knew how to find happiness
When I wake up in the morning, I choose to be happy, it’s my choice
I hope I don’t get sick
I am healthy
I don’t have the education
I am intelligent, I am smart, I can do this
I don’t know if I can do it
I am good enough, I will give it my best shot
I’m so tired
Today will be a great day
What if I’m wrong?
What if I’m right?
I don’t have enough experience
I have the will to work hard and learn
I’m a nobody
I am unique and individual
I just don’t know what to do anymore
The answers are within me, I just need to listen to my heart
I have made so many mistakes
At least I have tried. I have learned how to not to do it, I’ll know better next time
My job is so boring
It’s up to me to make it more exciting & enjoyable, so what can I do that will make me happy?
This is not my job
It needs to be done, people are depending on me, I will do it
I feel cheated and disappointed
I am determined to do it better next time

What other things have you been saying to yourself that do not serve you? Write them down and work out what you should be saying to yourself that will help you achieve more. More happiness, more confidence, more love, more fun, a better life.

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