Saturday, March 3, 2018

Tips to Maximize and Re-purpose the Content From Your Blog Articles

Tips to maximize and re-purpose the content from your blog articles

Do you have a blog and would like to drive more traffic to your website? Here is what I do to increase traffic and maximize the effectiveness of my blogs:
  • Write and publish a blog post at least once a month. The more you publish the higher your website will rate in search results. Weekly blog posts are ideal.
  • Ensure the blog post is at least 300 words. 500 words is ideal.
  • Include images in your blog (for royalty free images try
  • Use pre-determined keywords throughout the blog post so that your article is easily found in search results.
  • Include keywords in headings and subtitles in your article to maximize the SEO of your article. (easily found by search engines such as Google).
  • Email the link to your new blog post to your database.
  • Post a link to your blog post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, pin the image to Pinterest, Instagram, etc).
  • Post the image and a quote from the blog post to your social media a week later.
  • Schedule weekly posts with different quotes and new images to social media using the content from your previous and new blog posts.
If you would like help writing blog posts for your website or need help with social media management, you can direct message me via my website:
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Do you need help with your social media or content writing?

Do you need help with your social media or content writing?
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