Sunday, September 27, 2015

How to lift yourself up and give a great customer experience, every time

When you are working face to face with customers and clients, you are always on show. Literally, you are on stage, and the show must go on, no matter what. No matter what is happening in your personal life, the mood you are in or how you are feeling, the customer experience comes first.

Put yourself in their shoes, you have been saving up and looking forward to the treatment for weeks, when you arrive you barely get a greeting, the therapist looks like she hasn't had a good night sleep and during the treatment she tells you about the fight she has had with her boyfriend. Gossip is sometimes interesting to listen to, but that is with your friends over a coffee, not when you are trying to relax and have a facial. You end up paying and your therapist gets the therapy.

In theater, if the star of the show is unable to perform because of illness, or they've had personal issues and can't pull themselves together, they call a stand-in. You need to make the decision every single time to give the very best performance or give the stage to someone else.

Remember, customers pay your wages, your employer simply handles the money. So give your customers the very best service and treatment they deserve - every single time. Decide that outside what is happening in your personal life, when you go to work, you enter a happy, positive, inspiring and uplifting place, a place where you can make people feel great about themselves. It's not up to others to make you happy, happiness resides within you.

You make the choice about how you feel. Sometimes you need to pretend you are acting and you are on stage, and practice it until it comes naturally and you no longer have to "act". There is nothing wrong with acting and pretending to make someone feel more comfortable. As long as it comes from the heart, it will be received as genuine.

Ultimately the best way to lift yourself up from a mediocre life is to uplift, help and inspire others. So take some deep breaths, straighten up, stand tall, put a smile you your face and decide today is going to be a great day and you will make every customer feel like they are the most important person to you, make them feel special and give them a terrific treatment. You can do it!

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