Sunday, October 18, 2015

Why you need to educate to sell more

Customers come to you for results. Don't assume that they already know what it is they need to get the results they want.

You are the expert. It is your responsibility to your client to assess what the problem is and advise your client on what you and they need to do to get the very best result.

Always start from the best position and then determine your clients commitment to getting the result they want. Educate them on why you have made the recommendation, what is the objective of the treatment and home care routine, what they should expect to see and how long it will take.

Do they start with the full program or just a few products and slowly build it up? It really is up to them and how much they can manage. The more education you do, the more informed your client will be about the best course of treatment for them. They will then make a decision on how fast they want the results by the level of their commitment. 

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